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Licensed Marriage and Family THerapist

Reba Machado, M.S.

My Story 

I am a product of a divorce, raised in a single-parented Filipino home.  I was faced with many social and environmental challenges throughout my childhood.  I credit my life's success and accomplishments to those who dedicated time to listen and help me through those difficult moments.  I could have made some mistakes that could have had serious implications on my adulthood.

At a young age, I told myself that I wanted to be that person to others.  Since then, it became my life's passion ---- helping others through life.

Because Marriage and Family Therapy is not the typical Filipino-American career, I entered into my undergraduate studies at UC Riverside pursuing a Civil Engineering Degree so that I could go into the family business.  Ending my teenage years, I was naive enough to "follow my dreams despite the impracticalities and immediately switched my major.  At that point, I was sure that this is what I was meant to do and enjoyed the rest of my journey at UCR because of my risky move.  It felt so good to do something that I loved that allowed me to attain a higher sense of self-worth and self- control (not what others whated for me.

Suddenly, my future seemed brighter than ever.

About Me

My Approach

My approach to therapy is a holistic one, which is determined by each client's specific need.  I am most influenced by Psychodynamic practices, exploring your experiences and past relationships in order to gain a deeper understanding of how such experiences may be influencing your current life and relationships.

I also have extensive training and experience in various therapeutic approaches.  I utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, a more short-term, brief and structured therapy approach that focuses on problem solving, skill building and is goal directed. ​Through this rewarding process, I am a strong motivator of helping achieve goals.

My faith as a Christian woman guides my practice.  I welcome spirituality into the therapy room based on YOUR preference, whenever appropriate.  If it is in your particular interest, I skillfully integrate one's spiritual journey into the therapeutic process.

I have helped people from all parts of the world, from different cultures with diverse ideas about religion, sexuality, gender identity, marriage, family and Love.  I have deep, enriched roots with my alma mater, UC Riverside and was deeply inspired by the unique diversity around my learning environment there.  I profoundly value a culturally-sensitive approach​ to counseling.  I have both considerable clinical and professional experience with diverse populations because of my own personal experiences, my cultural background, and professional interests.

Education & Licensure

-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


-CAMFT Certified Clinical Supervisor in Riverside, CA

-Master of Science, Counseling Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy

California Baptist University

-Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

University of California, Riverside

My Philosophy

I believe that YOU the potential to change your life through dedicated hard work and reflection.  I view my role as both your collaborator and guide, bearing witness to your story and helping you grow in understanding and in insight so that new, more empowering stories can be written.

​This can happen in a variety of ways, not in the least of which involves exploring feelings and deeply held behavior and thinking patterns.  Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience!