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Couples Sessions

I will be the first to admit that relationships are challenging!

Relationships merge two very different individuals together, weaving them
together into an intricate couple.  Navigating our way through that detailed
weave is very hard work!

However,  I love to say that when it works, it is better for the two of you to
be together than for each of you to be apart --- a rewarding result for a
hopeful future.

Whether you are a new couple or you're with your highschool sweetheart,
every couple experiences those challenging times. 

Some couples, maybe like yourselves, get stuck in this growing process. 

Maybe you feel like you are growing apart, growing away from your significant other, and now you're having difficulty navigating your way back to each other.  Maybe something is getting in the way of your potential relationship together.  Perhaps, you could benefit from improved communication!

Let me help you find out more about where you both may be stuck and provide you with helpful tools that can help you get back on track. When you feel lost or betrayed in your relationship, your emotional pain is worse because you may also feel lonely. 

The results of betrayal and loss of trust can be destructive for any relationship.  In couples' therapy, the goal is to work on the pain and explore the relationship further. 

Our therapy together will provide more intimacy, understanding, and connection within the relationship.You both will learn new ways to listen, communicate, handle disagreements, and rebuild a foundation of understanding and friendship.

The goal of couples' therapy is to explore each individual's "part" that he and she bring into the relationship.  The goal here is not to find blame, but to praise the strengths that are brought together and to help each other understand any weaknesses and target how to best approach such shortcomings.

I believe that the problems in your marriage or in your relationship were there before you even met each other. Your own individual unique experiences before you met each other are what taught you how to comfort and love each other.  Let's not blame one another anymore!

Today is the day to choose a new beginning! Recommit yourself to your significant other and work together to change your hurtful patterns.  Discover a new marriage! Discover a new self!

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