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Family Sessions

"Ohana means family. Family means that nobody gets left behind or 
-Lilo and Stitch, Walt Disney Films

My first step in family therapy is including all or most of the family members
in the therapeutic process. 

I believe that the family system has an influence on every family member. 
It can be helpful to focus on the family as a unit instead of just on one

Family therapy and counseling can help families like yours work together as a unit to communicate feelings and ideas more effectively.In my work with hundreds of families,

I have helped people enjoy their time with their loved ones together during their time at home, vacations, outings, and holidays.  I've helped families start new traditions, create meaningful experiences and develop a healthier structure and communication all around the home.

Through this improved communication, families develop more effective meetings outside of the therapy setting.  Family therapy can help parents understand and work with each child's unique personality. 

I have experienced families who genuinely understand and guide a once-difficult child who generally opposes them.  
Therapy sessions with the family could also help children develop assertiveness and deal with any stress outside of the family environment, like at school or at a sports game/practice. 

In family therapy, children learn to manage their time and develop effective strategies to improve school performance. 

​Let me help your family in enjoying these fleeting moments.