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We, at Machado Family Counseling, have the health and safety of our clients and staff at the forefront of our attention. For that reason, we are paying close attention to all new developments on the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please review the link below for information regarding what to do to help prevent becoming sick, what to do if you are sick, symptoms of the illness and additional information:

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…since you’re here, you know things can get better. You want to feel heard and understood while getting some strategies for immediate relief.

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About Marriage & Family Therapy

MFT’s (Marriage & Family Therapists) have their master's or doctor's degrees in mental health or counseling psychology.  They have specialized training in relationship dynamics and family influences on a person's mental health.

Systemic Clinicians are prepared to support individuals, couples and families by helping them understand how their families and personal experiences have impacted their mental health. Through the therapy process, a multitude of theoretical frameworks are used to establish effective communication and empower healthy relationships.Type your paragraph here.


Machado family counseling

Our clients appreciate the balance and boundaries we encourage and live out in our own lives.

We're offering video sessions during this difficult time for all current and new clients. We are also continuing "in-person" sessions for special circumstances.