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Machado Family Counseling

...where your story is the key to unlocking a stronger self

Licensed Marriage and Family THerapist

Children & Adolescents

Most children and teens have difficulty expressing their emotional worlds through language.  Therapy provides a safe environment to express and explore meanings.

Family Counseling

A dynamic and engaging process that is goal-oriented.  Find new ways of relating to one another. Work together. Experience change.

Couples Counseling

Recognize and resolve conflict to improve your relationship.  Make thoughtful decisions in rebuilding your relationship. Understand each other. Understand yourself.

Find Support, Encouragement, and Understanding...                                         ...Find Hope                                        .



Does it seem like the harder you try, the worse things get?

Find a safe place to reconnect with what is the most important: YOURSELF​!!!

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Reba Machado, M.S.

Individual Counseling

Discover your strengths and resources towards becoming happier and healthier. Take the necessary steps towards an ideal version of yourself and an improved well-being